Welcome to North East X-Wing. The home for friendly and competitive X-Wing gaming in the North East of England (and potentially the South East of Scotland!)

This site has grown (or is growing) out of our local Facebook Group. We realised that we wanted more from the community than was available. With that in mind, we launched this site. Alongside all the features you would expect to see - news, reviews and forums - we'll soon be launching our series of open leagues and tournaments. As new features are launched, we'll be posting on Facebook and Twitter, as well as here on the site.

Watch this space!

Latest Tweets

  • On the road to the UK system open. Still no clue what I'm flying. Answers on a mynock please!

  • Need a new list for Monday - Something with Ketsuo Onyo, answers on a postcard or tweet 🙂

  • 69 acrylic sample chips - some great colors. How best to show them off? thoughts on a postcard

  • Don't forget, Monday night is X-Wing night with - 6.30 till 9.30 and we're running a 3 round tourney this week 🙂

  • Off to Tea@Hart tomorrow afternoon for some - cant decide between old lists or new versions (damn you not yet active FAQ) - help?