Fly Casual – More than just the 100pt game!

FFG have posted an interesting article promoting the idea that there is more to X-Wing than just the standard 100pt game. Whilst the growth of the competetive scene has been amazing to see, we often overlook the game itself. With scenarios we can recreate or change Star Wars History, with house rules we can open up all sorts of wierd and wonderful formats. With the third party co-op expansion Heroes of the Aturi Cluster we can embark on a long-term campaign watching our pilots grow (or not) over the course of the story – effectively turning the X-Wing mechanics into a more RPG-like experience.

For me, this is interesting. Coming to X-Wing from PC gaming it’s great to see the diversity that now exists in the X-Wing Ecosystem. Some of the strongest and long-lived PC Games (both for competition and community) are those that opened up their systems to user-made mods and expansions. Just think Half Life/Counter Strike/Team Fortress/Day of Defeat for example. With that in mind, it looks like the future is *very* bright for X-Wing.

For me tough, since getting in to the competitive scene, I must admit to not playing as much of the other possible formats. Something that I think I need to remedy soon!

As always, check out FFG’s full article at:

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