Fated Festival #1 – X-Wing Results

Saturday saw the first Fated Festival run at Moor House Adventure Centre. 6 Pilots launched to face each other in what was planned to be a 3 round Swiss Event. The players and lists were:

  • Dave | Scum 
    Contracted Scout, Cartel Spacer, Cartel Spacer, Binayre Pilot, Binayre Pilot
  • Ray | Rebel
    Han Solo, Ezra
  • Chris | Rebel
    Miranda Doni, Lothal Rebel
  • Scott | Rebel
    Han Solo, Tala Squadron, Bandit, Bandit
  • Ali | Imperial
    Darth Vader, Soontir Fel, The Inquisitor
  • Stu | Scum
    Dengar, Guri

A good turn out of factions, and nice to see no overly ‘meta’ lists for what was always intended to be a fun tournament.

  • Round 1 Results
    Scott vs Stu – Modified win to Scott
    Ray vs Chris – Win to Ray
    Dave vs Ali – Modified win to Dave
  • Round 2 Results
    Ray vs Dave – Win to Ray
    Scott vs Chris – Win to Chris
    Stu vs Ali – Win to Stu
  • Round 3 Results
    Ray vs Stu – Win to Stu
    Chris vs Ali – Win to Chris
    Scott vs Dave – Win to Dave

Plugging the final round in to TOME, we realised that it may come down to MOV, as we had three players on 10 points. We decided to play a ‘cut-to-two’ if needed. And we did!

1 Stu 10 434 1.44444 3.11111
2 Chris 10 434 1.44444 3.11111
3 Ray 10 266 3.11111 1.44444
4 Dave 8 360 1.44444 3.11111
5 Scott 3 149 3.11111 1.44444
6 Ali 0 157 3.11111 1.44444

So we geared up for a final showdown between Stu’s Scum and Chris’ Rebels. After a short break, we kicked off a 70 minute final round. Stu and Chris played a very close game – both lost their ‘big’ pilots Miranda and Dengar – which left Guri and the Lothal Rebel in a one on one dogfight. In the end, Guri’s defence dice won out – killing the Lothal Rebel to net Stu the win.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank all of the players for making it a great day – every game played was a real challenge and great fun. Id also like to thank the guys at Worhamma / Flipside for putting on the event. Finally – I have to give Ray a shout for running a really fun tournament. Cant wait till the next one!

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