Updated FAQ announced

Well, that’s big and shiny!

FFG have released a new FAQ (v4.2.1) which introduces a whole raft of changes – AND a new Attack Phase Timing Chart (check it out – it really is shiny!)

Anything where ‘perform this aattack twice’ or ‘after attacking’ is involved may see changes in this update. As do the combos that involve multiple instances of the same token in a given round (Contracted Scout + Deadeye + Recon Specialist + R4 Agromech, I’m looking at you!). TLT on the Ghost with a Docked Phantom also gets a boost.

We haven’t had change to play the new FAQ yet, but with our gaming night on Thursday and the North East Regional on Sunday – we’re sure there will be a lot of discussion over the next few days + weeks.

As always, you can check out the full FAQ over at the FFG site >


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