Back from the Outer Rim

Well, after an overly long round trip to the outer rim (real life), we’ve finally made the jump to realspace and are looking forward to getting back into the pilots seat.

Since we’ve been gone there have been two waves released, worlds, system opens and the first European championship. We’ve also had Guns for Hire and the next wave previewed. So much to catchup on and so little time. Hopefully we’ll be making our rendezvous with the Broken Horn soon, so expect some thoughts on the C-ROC in the near future.

We haven’t been completely radio silent though. Check out our new YouTube channel using the link in the header and you’ll be able to see where we’re heading with regards to game reports and video reviews. At the minute the recording setup is hard wired using a desktop pc, but there are plans to go mobile…. watch this space…

We’re all looking forward to the next few months, so all going well there should be new content coming online fairly regularly. If you have any ideas, or have something specific you’d like to see – definitely drop us a line….


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