First thoughts on 2.0

Unfortunately, real life has transpired against me – so I haven’t got my hands on any 2.0 content yet **watch this space** – but I’ve put the feelers out to a few friends who have. Things seem pretty positive all round, so as I get little snippets back, I’ll compile them on here. I’m hoping to pick my stuff up soon and get some games under my belt. We’ve also been talking to a couple of local stores about live streaming some 2.0 games – **most definitely watch THIS space **

I’ve only played one game but first impressions are that the game is way more thematic than before. Everything just seems to make sense this time too. From my first game it seems like pointing your primary arc at the enemy is way more important than before and necessary to actually deal meaningful amounts of damageG1

The thing I like best on initial playing/list building is that it seems to be much more about the ships. Upgrades seem to add a bit of a bonus/flavour rather than being absolutely essential to make the ship work.G2

The conversion kits feel satisfyingly hefty. Nice.RO

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